Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stratford Memorial Day Parade, 2013

My favorite thing about the Stratford Memorial Day Parade is that it seems like half the town marches in it while the other half watches.  My girls marched with the Girl Scouts this year, and they even had a float!

Pics are after the jump!

Emma, getting ready for the parade.
Hannah, also before the parade.

The color guard led the parade down Main Street.
The Marine Corps Reserve also had a color guard.
This old police cruiser was straight out of the Blues Brothers.
Stratford Bicycle Cops
I didn't even know our town had a Poppy Princess!
Hannah represented her school in the Barnum Festival competition,
but she didn't win.  So she's not on this float.
The Well Respected Ladies dance troupe.
I saw them warming up but never saw them perform.
Sikorsky's headquarters and factory are in Stratford.
They're celebrating their 90th anniversary this year.
The Sikorsky folks brought this awesome helicopter.  I'd quite
like to see this thing fly.

The Girl Scout Troop's float.  That's Sally in the front-right corner.
Hannah stood with her friend Trinity.

Why was there a float with a unicorn?  I have no idea.
The Indian Guides are really big in Stratford.  This float,
from the Kickapoo Nation, was awesome.
The band was also from the Kickapoo's.  They closed out the parade.

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