Monday, May 27, 2013

Triathlon Training Diary: 5/20 to 5/26

I’m gonna try to keep this short because it’s Memorial Day, and I can think of lots of better things to do today besides sitting there reading my blog.  
Happy Memorial Day!  

Now go outside and do something exciting!

I swam twice last week.  Tuesday’s workout was strictly aerobic.  I did some mid-distance work, trying to hold a comfortable pace throughout without over-working.
  1. 5 x 100 @ 1:30 warm-up
  2. 3 x 300 @ 4:15 (base 1:25/100)
  3. 3 x 200 @ 2:50 (base 1:25/100)
  4. 3 x 100 @ 1:25
  5. 100 warm-down
I turned things up a little on Saturday.
  1. 5 x 100 @ 1:30 warm-up
  2. 8 x 200 tempo @ 2:50 (first 5 swim, last 3 pull)
  3. 300 kick
  4. 50 easy
  5. 4 x 100 fast @ 1:20 (holding 1:10 or less)
  6. 150 warm-down
That last set was a bear, as you can probably imagine.
Swimming Total: 2 x swim workout (2400, 3000); 54 pts.
Because of my schedule and a long week of crappy weather, I only rode my commute once last week.  That always throws me off and leaves me scrambling to try to make up for the lack of easy mileage.  Fortunately, I’d already planned to take Friday off because of my birthday, and as a result, Sally and I had time to ride together on Friday.  We wound up riding exactly 15 miles together over the course of an hour, and then I went out on my own and rode another 26 miles by myself.  That first hour with Sally was flat and decidedly aerobic in nature, but after that, I headed up into the rolling hills on the north side of town and worked a little harder.  All told, I felt good on the ride, and I was pleased to finally have a chance to get out and put in some real mileage.
I did a brick Sunday.  The basic concept was to ride for an hour and then run for an hour, but I wound up being out just a little longer than that, putting in 20.5 miles in 1:05.  As with Friday’s work, I did the first half or so in the flats near my house and then rode some rolling hills in the back half of the workout.
Riding Total: 1 x commute ride, 2 x workout rides (72.1 miles); 72.1 pts.
Last week was a big run-focused week, and coming off of it, I felt like I was running well.  But I was also sore.  But I decided to push through it Monday afternoon and put in an easy three miles.  Mistake!  I wound up with a really sore right shin, to the point where I was afraid early in the week that I was developing a stress fracture.  I decided to take the rest of the week off from running and hope for the best, and by Friday, it felt better.  Whether that means that I need to spend more time stretching out my ankles, get different or better (i.e. newer) shoes, or just be more consistent in my weekly mileage... I don’t know.  Probably all three.
Anyway, I felt better by Friday, and as I said, I did a brick on Sunday with no ill effects.  Three cheers for the virtues of multi-sport training and the no-impact nature of cycling!
Monday’s run was very, very easy.  I was sore, and I was tired, and if I went any faster than 9:00/mile, it was an accident.  Sunday, though, I felt great coming off the bike.  The weather was cool, and my 20-mile ride was exactly enough to put me in the zone.  I wound up running 5.6-miles at 8:10/mile, which is blazing fast for me.  What’s better is that I was comfortable doing it.
Running Total: 2 x runs (3.3, 5.6 miles); 35.6 pts.
Triathlon Training Total: 161.7 pts.
Final Thoughts
This week is a Week 3, and it’s capped by the Tour de Cure, which for me is a metric century that’s gonna serve as one of my key workouts leading up to the Pat Griskus Olympic Triathlon.  The Griskus is my “A” race this season--part of a compromise with Sally whereby we focus on triathlon early in the season and family vacations as the summer progresses.  That said, Sally has decided that she wants to run Charles Island Sprint Triathlon later this season, so maybe we’ll get a little multi-sport training done later in the season after all.  
Regardless, I feel good about where I am in the season and excited about both the upcoming races and the fact that after mid-June, I’ll be able to take it a little easier in terms of my training and overall dedication to the sport.

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