Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Odds and Ends

I've been trying to find the motivation to write something all day.  And failing.  Instead of that, here's a collage of crap that I've been thinking about today.

Word came out over the weekend that Marvel's in talks with Bradley Cooper to be
the voice of Rocket Raccoon.  By all logic, that shouldn't matter to much to me. 
Seriously, though, I haven't been this excited about a movie in a while.  And the
damn thing doesn't even come out for another year.
Sally bought me a six pack of Weed Amber Ale today.  And as I'm drinking
it--sober this time--I see now why they didn't call it an IPA.  Really, it tastes
more like a super-hoppy pilsner.  I suppose you could call it the most east coast
IPA ever, but that would just confuse the market.  So Amber Ale is probably right.
Two Roads put this picture of the Shore 2 Pour start today on Facebook.  If you
look close, I'm right in the center--red hat, no short.


  1. I've long been a fan of Bradley Cooper. (I mean, after Alias I have no idea why it took everyone else so long to catch up.) And his voice is distinctive enough that he could make a fair impact as a raccoon.

  2. I have a little trouble picturing it myself, but I suppose that in due time, I'll get to hear it.