Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Nonsense

Saw this in CM Punk's Twitter feed this morning. For what it's worth, the WWE may not be the most forward thinking company in America, I don't know, but they make excellent and impressive use of social media. 

So yeah.  The actual match, Natalya vs. Brie Bella, is totally unwatchable.  But then A.J. Lee comes on and cuts what has to be one of the better promos they've had on the show this year, and as tough as she is on those girls, I gotta agree with her.  Every word she says is true.

All I'm saying is, since Summer Slam, the promotion has taken a step away from A.J., and with that, my girls and I have more or less stopped paying attention.

While we're talking about the important issues in the world, let me just say, for what it's worth, that I personally do not think that the case for intervention in Syria is very strong.  Yes, I admit that Assad is asshole who has used poison gas on his own people--like Saadam Hussein before him.  His regime isn't doing the world any good, and he personally probably has it coming.

But.  When you consider military intervention, it's worth asking what it is that you're hoping to achieve with it.  What are your War Aims?  And in this case, it's not at all clear that the U.S. actually has War Aims of any kind.  They're talking about a limited air strike; that will accomplish exactly nothing.  If they do something heavier, they may succeed in giving the rebels a chance to bring down Assad, but that's not assured by any means, nor is it assured that the new government would be better or more favorable than the current regime.  In fact, it seems likely that the new government would also be a bunch of assholes.

So, bottom line, if there does not appear to be any concrete way in which your intervention can actually help the situation, taking action is not advisable.  In fact, it's stupid because you not only play your hand, you play your hand in order to win nothing.  This is not an argument in favor of taking action.


  1. AJ was genius. The E seems to know what they have in her, making her the GM for a while. Maybe with the success of Total Divas (which my wife unapologetically loves) we'll see more of AJ and the Divas.

    1. I think the success of Total Divas is the problem. Because it's got the WWE trying to push the starts of the show instead of AJ, who's the only Diva to "get over" on her own without some kind of outside help.