Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sally and I Gave Blood Today

I only bring it up because when the girl took my pulse, it was 46.  That's a personal best.  So despite the fact that I've been feeling fat and unmotivated for weeks now, I'm obviously not in quite as poor physical condition as I've been feeling.  On the flipside, though, my blood pressure was 120/88, which is a bit higher than normal.  Seems unlikely that both of those were accurate at the same time, but who knows?

As I type this, the Titans are up 10-2 on the Steelers at the end of the 3rd Quarter.  The Titans' defense is having its way with the Steelers' O-Line, which is good, but the Titans' offense hasn't been real good as yet, and Tennessee also gave up a Safety on the very first play of the game.  Not sure how that happens since I was giving blood during the early part of the game, but apparently the Kick Returner came across the goal line, decided better of it and dipped back into the End Zone where he was tackled took a knee, thus giving up a Safety.

Safety on the opening kick-off?  That's not the start we were looking for this season.  A bad sign.


  1. For what it's worth, my blood pressure is always higher when I'm giving blood. My doctor says it's a little more stressful giving blood so the elevated pressure is understandable. When I gave blood, they thought I had hypertension. When I was in the office, it was 120/65. :P

    That safety was amateur hour but they won! XD

    1. The Safety didn't look as bad on replay. Reynaud's mistake was to come out of the End Zone only a half-yard. He obviously lost sight I where he was, and there you have it. If he wasn't gonna run it out, that's fine, but then you (obviously) have to know where you are on be field when you make the decision.

      With my blood pressure, she went fast and Ben said so at the time. I think I was probably closer to 120/80, but who cares? It's not bad in any event.