Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trolls Gonna Hate

If you've not heard, the rumors swirling around the Internet yesterday said that Marvel might be looking to cast Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackoff as Captain Marvel in some future film.

The cover for Captain Marvel #1
So naturally, the topic came up at the comic shop this morning.  And one of the trolls sarcastically says, "I thought Captain Marvel was a woman now."

Sackoff, from the new Ridick movie.  I pulled this off her Twitter feed.
I shrugged.  Thought about Greg Rucka's design for Forever Carlyle--and how well it works.  Said: "Captain Marvel is muscular woman.  Sackoff is perfect."

Guy responded: "Yeah, if you're looking for a man."

And I'll admit that I got annoyed.  Dude was at least fifty pounds overweight, had greasy black hair that hadn't been combed in a week, and wore a shirt that I don't think he'd washed since the Reagan Administration.  Seriously, his man-boobs needed a girdle.  Industrial strength.  And yet, here he is complaining that Katee Sackoff is too much of a badass?  Unreal.

Also from Sackoff's Twitter feed.
Folks, that's what a real woman looks like.
But I restrained myself.  Because what's the point, right?  This guy's life is its own punishment, as was made manifest by the fact that he was working at a comic shop on a Saturday morning.


Seriously, though.  Turn off the porn and re-engage reality, people.  There's a lot more to life than starving Russian waifs with silicon implants.  If you ever manage to get out with a girl with a little muscle tone, odds are it'll change your outlook on beauty forever.

And that's the truth.  Live with it.


  1. First, that dude was an idiot. Simple.

    Second, I LOVE CAROL DANVERS. :)

    Third, Katee would be fantastic, as would the woman from Chuck.

    1. That girl from Chuck is a good call. I was annoyed when I thought they were gonna cast Emily Van Camp, but she 's been cast as Steve Rodger's girlfriend Sharon, so... I kind'a think she's a little too skinny for that, too, but it's better than making her Carol Danvers.