Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Week's Picks (NFL Week 3)

I went 2-1 last week, successfully guessing that the Redskins suck and that the Jets aren’t as bad many would have you believe.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Jets are good, but they’re good enough that I don’t think they’re gonna get blown the Hell out of any divisional games this season.
If you’re wondering, my record for the season is now 3-3, even with what you would expect from a trained monkey but a game up on the guys in my office.

This Week’s Picks:
New York Giants (Even) at Carolina Panthers
I’m a Giants fan, so perhaps that colors my thoughts on this game, but I just can’t bring myself to believe that the G-Men will lose three in a row.  Also, Cam Newton has a history of snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory, and in general, I just don’t think that the Panthers are very good.
Two weeks ago, the Giants committed six turnovers and still almost beat the Cowboys.  Last week they held serve against the Broncos but ultimately couldn’t keep up with what may well be the best team in the League.  This week, God willing, neither of those things will be an issue, and they’ll finally get a win.
Detroit Lions (+1) at Washington Redskins
How are the Lions getting a point against the ‘Skins?  
The Lions are a good team that is undisciplined.  The ‘Skins are a terrible team… that is also undisciplined.  I don’t know that this game is gonna be a blowout the way that last week’s debacle vs. Green Bay was, but I do know that I’ll be picking against the ‘Skins every time the line is close all season until they show me something.
Chicago Bears (-1.5) at Pittsburg Steelers
Like the Giants, the Steelers are a fan-favorite team that is not as good as the football punditry would have you believe.  The Bears, meanwhile, have an asshole at quarterback, but unfortunately for the rest of the League, football isn’t a personality contest.  Truth is, Jay Cutler is good, the Bears’ Defense is good, and the Steelers are not.  On top of that, a point-and-a-half is not a Hell of a huge spread, so…
Honorable Mention:
I almost took the Kansas City Chiefs (+3) at the Philadelphia Eagles, but ultimately, I decided not to tempt fate.  As long as Mike Vick is healthy, the Eagles can blow you up any given week.  I personally think that this is the week that somebody smart (i.e. Andy Reid) finally diagnoses and destroys in detail that Chip Kelley spread offense, but I’m not sure enough about that to actually put theory into practice.  After all, you can have the best plan in the world, but your players still have to execute it, and they definitely have the talent in Philly.
And that’s all I got.  Go Big Blue!
Your thoughts?

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