Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fantastic Run Today

The good news is that the inserts in my shoes worked--really well. I've been struggling with ankle problems on and off for about six months now, and while a friend of mine recommended inserts a while ago, I didn't actually get around to trying them until today. But today was GREAT, I ran a little over four miles--without pain--and I felt fucking terrific afterwards. 

Talk about a Runner's High!  I felt higher than a kite. Partly it was because I ran without pain, but mostly it was because I ran, and it was beautiful outside, and sometimes it just clicks out there. I didn't run particularly hard or fast, but I ran well, and I was pretty damned excited about it. I still am. 

But then I started coming down off that Runner's High maybe an hour later, and it's been like falling off a cliff. I can't ever remember feeling like this--almost hung over--but there it is.  I almost feel sick, and I know it's just the endorphins, or lack thereof.  Strange, right?

Anyway, I totally need to either go run again or else sleep it off somewhere until I can get some real food in me and maybe a beer. What do you say?

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