Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Picture Perfect Barbie Family

Hannah took this picture on Sunday of her ideal "picture perfect Barbie family."  Afterwards, Sally and I joked with her that it looked like Ken had two wives, that maybe something freaky was going on, but Hannah said that, no, they just had a teenaged daughter. In which case, mom got married young, that's all I'm gonna say.

Anyway, Hannah shot a whole movie about these guys on her phone the next night. Pretty amazing stuff. It had credits and everything, along with a Human Beatbox soundtrack. 

I told her that she should script it put and shoot it again after editing it a little, and then I'd out it up.  But I don't know if she's got that much patience. 

The movie itself is okay, and I'd gladly out it up as is, but I really wanna teach Hannah the value of editing, so...  We'll see if she'll try it again and if so, how it goes. 

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