Monday, January 13, 2014

Training Log: 1/6 - 1/12 (Week 2)

Between the Polar Vortex this week, the need to drive up to Albany once, and general bad weather even when that other stuff wasn't a factor, it was--again--not much of a training week this week.

I meant to get into the water twice, but after Wednesday's frigid bike ride, I wound up scrapping it in favor of giving my body a chance to recover from the day's exertions on the bike.  I did manage to get into the water Sunday, but even then, it's not like I swam well or anything. I was averaging something like 1:18/100, which is fine... unless you used to be a Division I college swimmer. 

My workout:
--200 SKIPS*
--3 x 200 @ 3:00 (aerobic pace)
--4 x 100 @ 1:30 (aerobic)
--5 x 50 @ :45 (tempo)
--100 Warm Down

Swim Total: 2350 (23.5 pts)

The good news is that I actually managed to get on my foldie once this week. Bad news was that it was only for a commute ride, and that was in 13-degree weather. As I wrote earlier in the week, the morning's ride into the office didn't go well at all, to the point where I felt like my core body temperature dropped while I was out. Not smart. The rest of the week was either rainy or snowy, and I decided not to chance it.  I don't regret those decisions, but it was still frustrating. 

Cycling Total: 1 x commute ride; 11-miles (11 pts)

I was hoping to get out three times this week, but as with everything else, it just didn't happen. I finally got out for an easy three miles on Thursday, and then I ran for an hour in drizzling rain on Saturday afternoon. Neither one of those runs felt particularly great, but at least I got out there.  

At this point, I badly need more Long Slow Distance (LSD) work, but finding the time and opportunity to get that work done has been a problem for weeks.  Which is fine to say, but spring is right around the corner, and the spring racing season isn't going to care about all my excuses. 

Running Total: 2 x runs; 3.4, 7 (41.75 pts)

Tri Training Total: 76.25 pts

And once again, that's not gonna get it done. Granted, if I'd managed to swim once more, I probably wouldn't be too far off of my mark, but still...  I want to feel better when I'm training, and to make that happen, I'm gonna have to train and build up the endurance that I'm lacking. That's not rocket science, but it does require finding the right amount of time and taking proper advantage of my opportunities, and neither of those have exactly been my best things this past offseason. 

*200 x Swim, Kick, IM, Pull, Swim. Total of 1000 yards. 

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