Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Lovell Room

This is the oldest part of the Stratford Library, built in the mid- to late-1800s. We're here for the Children's Department's Volunteer Breakfast. Sally's being honored for her work with the children's art program.

The Lovell Room, looking out towards Main Street.

Looking back at towards the main part of the library.
I think these old columns are marble.  They're beautifully detailed.
I'm not sure when this style lamp came into fashion, but it was definitely out
by the 1940s.
In a town named "Stratford", it is no surprise that
William Shakespeare is considered a founding father.
Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables.
Emma by the fireplace.  That picture is of the man who
donated the money to build this library back during the 1800s.
I can't remember his name, and his portrait wasn't labeled.
Sally, receiving her award from the library.
The girls, standing outside the library's side door.
Every library needs a turret, no?
Panoramic view of the front of the building.  The left half is the old
American Legion building.  The right half is the original library.  In the 1980s
they were combined to make a single building, which is now all part of the library.


  1. Lovely architecture. Thanks for sharing & congrats to Sally.

    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, I liked it, too. Reminded me strongly of the architecture at the Academy.