Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Random Musings

You were probably looking for a more exciting Super Bowl than that, but I confess that I loved it.  I mean, I know the Eli Manning was cheering for his brother because they showed him sitting in the press box during the game, and he looked miserable. But. I find the image of him wearing a Super Bowl ring on each hand amusing, especially at mandatory family gatherings like Thanksgiving Dinner.  You just know that'll drive Peyton crazy, and Eli doesn't have to say a thing.  Because, come on. Eli would've won that Super Bowl. He just would've risen to the occasion.

Hannah finished reading Mockingjay last night, and then we had to sit down and talk about it.  I wasn't surprised, but she missed part of the poin of the book--and hence the series--and I didn't want to just let that go.

People claim to dislike Mockingjay because Katniss spends so much time "whining", but really, I think they just can't take the book's inherent nihilism. I don't want to give anything away, but it's scorched earth storytelling, and I think that in that way, it's one of the most successful books of its type that I've ever read. 

I'll be interested to see the popular reaction to the third movie and what, if anything, they change about it when it finally comes out. 

Sorry I've been away for a few days. I've been lazy. Plus, the blog made ten times more money while I was gone than it usually does, so maybe there's a message there. 

Or maybe you guys jut really like the Purple Pants of Power. 

Finally, I finished Act I of "Crown of Pluto" last week, handed it off to my wife, and now I'm taking a break. I know I probably shouldn't, but like I said... Lazy. 

Sally's not reading the copy of "Pluto" that I gave her, so either I should've given her a copy in booklet form or else I'm just on my own now. Regardless, I need to get back on the horse, but I'm not gonna do it until next week. I just really don't feel like it.

I don't want to race, don't want to write...  What am I good for?



  1. Heh, count me as one that didn't care for Katniss's whining but to be honest, I thought she was an emo kid from the get-go. I liked the beginning and really liked the ending but there were a few head-desk moments.

    1. Girls that age are very concerned with social justice and the idea of right and wrong. That's actually in the Girl Scout Leader's Handbook, and having observed my own girls, I think it's absolutely correct. They are very much about fairness and idealism. So, bottom line, I think that what comes across as Katniss "whining" probably speaks right to something at the core of the target demographic.

      As an aside, this is one of the ways that I need to think about making Sneax more likeable and/or relatable. I think that the fact that she rarely thinks about what's right or fair is a problem. It comes across as unlikably selfish, not desperate and physically hungry because that's how poor she is.

  2. Nothing wrong with taking a few days off either. ;)