Monday, May 5, 2014

A Day Out at Lake Quassy

Sally and I took the kids and a few of their friends to the Quassy Amusement Park yesterday.  It was an ideal day because it was still early in the season, so barely anyone was at the park.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.

An elephant!
And I didn't even know they had a mascot.

Sally and Emma at the Bumper Cars

Heading up to the Wooden Warrior.
Sally's ready to ride the coaster.

They used to have a coaster called the Mad Mouse, but they
took it out to make room for the new water park.  All that's left
now is this sign, sitting sadly inside the arcade.
Lake Quassy also hosts several of my favorite races each year.
They have a Rev 3 series Half-Iron and Olympic triathlon set and my
personal favorite, the Pat Griskus Memorial Olympic Triathlon.
Sally and Hannah at the swings.
Hannah atop a vicious beast.
Hannah and Emma.
God willing, this is as close as they'll ever come to jail.

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