Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Love NY!

People I know down South are forever ragging on the Northeast and on New York City in particular. Too many people, the winters suck, traffic's a nightmare, it's too expensive...  All of that is true to a certain extent. But against that, there's also one simple reality that needs to be mentioned. 

Fact: in the months of May and June, New York City is the greatest place on earth. 

May is the first time we start seeing really nice weather. After a long hard slog through February and March, things improve a bit in April, but it's May when the flowers show up, we start to see leaves on trees, there's actual sun outside, and it feels good.  The caf├ęs all start putting out their tables, the girls are out in skirts with bared legs, and the whole City just kind of comes to life. 

I'm just saying...  If you've never seen it, May in the City is well worth the trip. Don't knock it. It really is. 

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