Wednesday, May 7, 2014

West Point on Twitter

There's been a lot of great stuff on Twitter today, most of it Academy-related.  I've been saving it since yesterday, and now, finally, I've got the chance to put it all together.  Enjoy!

I didn't get a chance last time we were at the Academy to take Sally and the kids up to Ft. Putnam.  We wound up parking down by Thayer Gate and walking up to Michie Stadium, and although my kids are troopers, they were pretty smoked after the game.  Plus, I don't think they were really in the mindset to hear about why you need infantry redoubts to cover a chain across the river and its associated river artillery batteries.  That tour's gonna happen eventually, but we didn't get to it last year.


That's excellent.


Also excellent.  I had no idea that the Tennis Team was that good.


 This is all kinds of awesome.  I've been on the point of donating my full dress to the local Salvation Army for years, but this makes me think maybe there's something more that could be done.  Although, in fairness, the Salvation Army is also a worthy cause.

That said, I was on my foldie in Harlem a few weeks back during my regular afternoon commute ride when I saw a guy with dread locks, a full dress coat, and orange parachute pants riding a fixie up Lenox Ave.  I was so surprised, I did a double-take.  Didn't have time to waive at the guy 'cause he was moving at a pretty good clip.

Speaking of which...


I'm a Giants fan, but I still hope he makes the team.

Anyway, the rest of this is not Academy-related, but it still caught my eye.

I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but I've been loving this last part of the season.  Still, I've not heard anything about the show's future, which is a little surprising.

Maybe they're teasing the fans, or maybe it's really on the bubble.  Who knows?


That's so awesome, it's hard to explain how awesome it is.


  1. It's like explaining, "Yeah, but it only applies to spherical cows in a vacuum." You either get it or you're a norm.

    1. Nice.

      I've often wondered if I did my kids a disservice by teaching them to play D&D. But. I feel like playing as a kid is one of the reasons why I did well in Statistics as a grad student.