Friday, June 20, 2014

Pictures from Pier 1

It's been a beautiful day in New York. Sun-drenched azure sky with a brushstroke of clouds, seventy degrees, no humidity, maybe five miles-per-hour of breeze. The best riding day we've had in months. I wish I'd had my road bike and a few hours this morning instead of my foldie and responsibilities in the office. 

I walked down to Pier One on the West Side at lunch and took a few pictures.

The trail down to the bike path from Freedom Plaza.
It's hard to see it now, but not so long ago, this area was
one of the busiest ports in the world.
This wreckage only looks ancient in these pictures.  Close up,
you can see metal that's probably vintage 1950s.
Now there's a running/cycling path under the West Side Highway.
It runs all the way up the west side.  One of my favorite run routes!
Not sure what this was.  Some kind of elevator?  It's not that old.
Looking back at the city from Pier 1.  Trump Tower is on the right.
We think of the City as a finished product, but in reality, it's always
under construction.  I'd never appreciated just how much is always being
built until I lived here.

Trump Tower and Pier 1.
I hate giving that asshole Trump free publicity,
but this was the best shot of the day.
The GWB via Instagram.
I should've filtered this differently and sharpened it more.
The obligatory #selfie.
Sally bought me the electric blue shirt, and now it's one of my favorites.

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