Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Reading Room: Good Stuff is Coming Soon!

It's late June.  That means it's almost time for the Tour de France.

From left to right: the overall Leader's jersey, the King of the Mountains jersey, the Sprinter's jersey, and the Best Young Rider's jersey.  One of the best, most interesting things about the tour is that there's something in play every day, and oftentimes multiple jerseys are in contention on the same day.


Not much there that's new, but the scene at the end is funny.

Amateurism and the N.C.A.A. (NY Times [Opinion])
"Although the N.C.A.A. has been sued plenty of times in its 100-plus-year existence, it has never faced a lawsuit quite like this one, which takes dead aim at its business model... the suit charges that the N.C.A.A.’s rules deprive current and former athletes of the ability to make money from one’s name, image and likeness. And this, the suit says, is a violation of the nation’s antitrust laws.

If a player were to get paid for his name, image or likeness — whether in a video game, a poster or any other medium — he would be accepting money, and thus, according to the N.C.A.A., violating the amateur code. So, in order to attack that concept, the plaintiffs had to attack the very concept of amateurism itself. That is why this case is such a threat to the N.C.A.A."

The NCAA's practices are downright un-American.  The business of America is business, and college is where you go to get started in your professional life.  For high profile athletes--even high profile college athletes--that may mean learning to use and profit from their abilities--and the fame that comes with them.  There's nothing wrong with that.  It's a niche market for only the most talented of professionals, sure, but it's not wrong.  

What's wrong is exploiting exceptional young men and women on the basis of some bullshit code that allows you to make money on their labor without cutting them in on the action.

Kevin Feige Updates on Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and Potential Guardians of the Galaxy Sequels (ComingSoon.Net)
"[T]he Marvel Cinematic Universe could continue on in Guardians of the Galaxy, although nothing is definitively planned yet on that front.

"[Feige] explains, 'there are dozens and dozens of "Guardians of the Galaxy" storylines. There's a group that came about in the '60s, were revamped again in the '80s and they changed into this incarnation that you see in this movie about eight or nine years ago...  [S]hould this film work, should the audience come out for this one, there are definitely places we can take it and we have ideas of where we'd like to go with it.'"

I'm really curious to see if people are going to come out to see the Guardians as well.  The run that inspired the movie is one of my all-time favorites, but it wasn't a hot seller.  In fact, Guardians of the Galaxy has never sold well, despite at least a half-dozen attempts at making it work.  That scares me.


Umm... diet and exercise?

People don't pay enough attention to what they put in their bodies, and those same people don't monitor what their kids are eating.  You are what you eat.  If you eat crap, you are crap.


That's some marketing move.

That's all I've got time for, unfortunately.  Have a good weekend!

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