Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Bunch of Old Pictures

I found most of these over the weekend cleaning out some of the pictures that were with my mom's old stuff.

My mother died back in 2011, but when she was alive, her house oftentimes felt more like a museum than an actual living space.  There were boxes and boxes of pictures.

It took me years to go through them all.  First off, because I didn't know what to do with all of them, and secondly, just because I found it difficult to confront my parents' legacy.  They were vibrant and alive and a big part of my life, until one day they weren't.  All the crap that goes along with that was just... tough.

Anyway, these were some of my favorites out of the many boxes.  They show parts of my life that weren't well-chronicled elsewhere.

This is my skateboarding out in front of the Captain's Hooch
at Camp Garryowen, Munson, Republic of Korea.
Every Squadron Commander's dream is to get an Adjutant on a skateboard.

This sign was at Camp Garryowen.
My favorite thing about Korea was that you could get
such glorious business cards made cheeply.
Here I am, literally driving away from West Point after graduation.

This next one is my favorite picture of this bunch.  I wish the exposure had come out better.
This is the day I got back from Korea.  It's also my last day in the Army.
My mother is beside me.
The Army Men's Swim Team, Class of 1995.
On graduation leave with one of my old roommates on
a rain forest plantation in Australia.
My official swim team pic, junior year in high school.
Christmas plebe year, 1991.
I'm guessing we just went to church.
On graduation leave in front of the Sidney Opera House.
With my daughter Hannah on our street in Fairfield, CT, 2005.
This is before we moved to Stratford.

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