Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday News & Notes: Full Service vs. Self-Service Psychic

Wow.  I'm guessing that was a full-service psychic.

Morrus is the proprietor of ENWorld.  ENWorld is publishing my next bit of freelance writing, "The Mystery of Mordecai's Monster," in their new online gaming magazine En5ider.  I pitched "Mystery" to them as an expansion of "The Mystery of Malvern Manor," and it is similar in plot.  The execution is totally different, though, and the new story is at least twice as long and ten times as crazy.

I listen to Ross pretty much every day.  After yesterday's podcast, I even bought Pat Kirwin's book, Take Your Eye Off the Ball.  Looking forward to reading it this summer.

One of the biggest differences between the Monken regime and the previous coaching regime at West Point is Monken's use of Army Football camps as a recruiting tool.  Want to play football for Army?  Go to camp with the coaching staff, and show them what you can do!

As long as the ground is dry, I don't care.  We're supposed to have a little group ride in about an hour, and I don't particularly feel like getting drenched and muddy.

Time to wrap this up.  I've got water bottles to fill!

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