Monday, August 10, 2015

Random Pics from Staycation

I've been off since Wednesday night.  We went places and did stuff, and occasionally I took pictures.  Some of my favorites are below.

One of the first things we did was go to Lake Quassy Amusement Park on
Thursday night.  This ride shocked us all, not least because it's right next to the
carousel, in the kiddie section of the park.
My girls strutting their stuff.
We went to Sherwood Island State Park on Friday.  This is
Emma out on the jetty.
More Emboo.
These guys showed up right after we got there and held a huge baptism ceremony.
I was annoyed at first, but the ceremony was actually very moving.
Hannah took me to see Connecticut's 9/11 Memorial, which is located at Sherwood Island.
Looking towards the memorial.
Our dog.  She's here even when we're not on vacation.
We took the kids to YMCA Camp Hi-Rock yesterday in the Bershires in Massachussettes.
This is the camp's lake.
After we dropped off the kids, Sally and I went mountain biking in Beartown State Forest.
This was a tough ride!
My love at our B&B after a long day in the car, dropping off the kids, and
riding through some of the most treacherous gullies I've ever seen.
The barn at the B&B.
This little rock wall was fascinating.  There's a statue of a praying child
buried in the superstructure.
The paddock, now mostly for dogs.
A stone fountain of bird feeder.

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