Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Morning & the Blue Hill Fair

Friday's here, and it's our last full day in Maine. After a week or more of warm--even hot--weather, it's 56-degrees and windy this morning. That's kind of what we're expecting all week, but it's been glorious instead. Hard to complain about that.

We spent a lazy morning around the cabin yesterday. I swam, Sally did some PLYOGA, and the kids wrote and took out the paddle-boat. Hannah has two new Sneakatara stories for Sketch in My Notebook, and even Emma's been working on a project. Sadly, their storytelling come say the expense of family D&D.

I think I need to find an adult gaming group.

We went to the town of Blue Hill and to the Blue Hill Fair yesterday afternoon. Writer E.B. White was famously from Blue Hill, so while we didn't see Wilbur or any webs spelling out "Some Pig!", I think it's fair to say that we did see that story's inspiration. 

We also saw a set of armor at the Blue Hill Library reputed to have been worn by Magellan when he died in the Phillipines. Sadly, this story has since been disproven, but the armor was interesting nonetheless. 

We're hiking in Acadia today, and Army Football had its first game tonight. Enjoy Labor Day!

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