Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rough Water Swimming

It's been kind of a lazy morning around the cabin.  I got up early, made some coffee, and spent some time writing before anyone else was up. Today's piece was a write-up of the adventure I created for our family's vacation campaign, Zeke's Mine.  If you're into that sort of thing, I expect I'll have the final posted by next Tuesday.  Then Sally got up as I was finishing my draft, and we sat for a while drinking coffee together.

Eventually, I convinced her to take the canoe out and follow me for a long(ish) open water swim. It's funny because the morning was calm and the water was glassy... right up to the point when we decided to head out. Then the wind picked up. I don't want to say it was choppy, exactly, but I felt like I got beat up a little out there, and Sally said she had trouble maneuvering the canoe. Granted, part of that was because she took the silly dog in the canoe with her, and the dog can be a little excitable, especially when she's on some kind of boat. We ought to teach that silly dog to man an oar if you ask me. 

That said, this rough water swimming thing is not going as well as I might've hoped. I'd wanted to get out here and do a three-hour swim during vacation, but reality is that my body is just not ready for that yet. We swam today for about fifty-five minutes--call it 3200 yards--it felt like a very long swim. This is not the level of progress I wanted to see. 

Now that I've gotten into it a bit, the idea of swimming some fifteen miles seems utterly mad. This is not to say that I'm giving up, merely to note that this Swim Across the Sound thing is like trying to train for an ultra-marathon from a base that focuses on running really fast 5k's. The conversion from triathlon swimmer to marathon swimmer is proving to be a little tougher than I might've hoped it would be. 

Anyway, I hope all is good where you are. We're doing fine, but the specter of Real Life is looming. Tomorrow is our last full day. We're back on Saturday, and I'm back to work Tuesday.  Maybe that will coincide with some better swimming, but that's about all that it has to recommend it. 


  1. Look for my post next week when I review RESTUBE for open water swimming safety. I think it's something you may be interested in if you're going for it on these longer rough water swims.

    1. Thanks Axel. Let me know when that's up, okay?