Sunday, October 25, 2015

Final Thoughts from the Rice Game

The go-ahead passing play at the end of the game is just terrible.  That's an ugly duck to the back of the end zone with three defenders in the area, and not one of them can get to the ball.  Beyond that, though, I think this was more-or-less the game that Army wanted to play.

Army ran for almost 400 yards and won both time of possession and the
turnover battle.  That is usually enough to get a win.

ESPN's comparison graphic.
This game was really very close.
All things considered, I still can't believe Army lost.

I should move on.  I know.

Army has a week off now.  Then we pick back up in November.

Football starts in half an hour in London, then the Pats are on at 1 pm, and the Giants kick-off at 4:25.  Plus, it's Sally's birthday weekend.  So I've clearly got other stuff to obsess about.

I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

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