Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Morning's Favorite Stuff

It's slim pickings on the inter-webs this morning, but there are a few little things worth sharing.

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Agents of SHIELD is such a hit-or-miss show.  It started off treading water on a dull inter-agency feud plot, but then it introduced Lash and--crucially--told us the riveting story of Jemma Simmons' time on a distant planet.  That was maybe the best episode the show has ever had.  But then they put Lash in a box, settled with the Inhumans, and staged a break-in at the other agency facility--ho hum.

They tore the walls down with this week's episode, though, bringing HYDRA roaring back from the dead, killing off characters left and right, and sending half the cast to the distant reaches of space.  Excellent!

What's gonna happen next?  Who knows?  Three seasons in, and the one thing I've learned is that while Agents of SHIELD tends to be a slow-reveal show, those reveals are usually worth it.  Also: Otto Schmidt's work is incredible.  He's also drawing a Tarot deck that I cannot wait to buy.

This version of Supergirl is much closer to what's in the comics than is the one that's on TV.

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I think this is the Four of Swords:

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“Looking at the detailed Russian timeline of what happened,” says defense analyst Pierre Sprey, “I’d say the evidence looks pretty strong that the Turks were setting up an ambush.”


If the Giants lose today, they're done.


That's all I've got today.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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