Saturday, March 5, 2016

#GoArmy 2016!

When we graduated, the West Point Class of 1995 held the winningest record in Academy history.  Our record held until 2015, when the Class of 2015 edged past us.

The Class of 2016 looks well on its way to passing us both.  Army Men's and Women's Swimming both went 10-1 to finish second in the Patriot League, Hockey is in the Atlantic playoffs and doing well, Women's Basketball is seeded first in the Patriot League tournament, and Men's Basketball just advanced to that same tournament's second round after a win over Colgate.

That's all happened in just the past few weeks!

Women's Tennis currently sits at 11-3.

Wow!  That's the best finish in... decades if not forever.  We finished 4th at ECACs (ahead of Navy) exactly once when I was swimming at Army, back in 1994.  This team has gotten fast!

Also worth noting is how Patriots has gotten as fast as Easterns.  I won my event a few times at Patriots, but I only ever made the finals at Easterns once, finishing 8th.  I get the feeling that Patriots is a much more challenging meet these days.

Not much more to say after that.  Enjoy the weekend.

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