Saturday, September 15, 2018

Final thoughts on Hawai'i and a few other things

In an oft underwhelming slate of home games, Army Football has a rare sizzler today.  The Black Knights are hosting the hottest team in college football, the Rainbow Warriors from the University of Hawai'i.  Army's actually favored in the game, and if you look at the stats, you can see why.  Bottom line, Army is very good at home, and the 'Bows look primed for a regression after a 5,000 mile plane trip.  I broke this down in some detail earlier in the week.


Hawai'i is undefeated, and they've looked absolutely bulletproof through three games.  A few websites are picking Army to win based on the betting line, but all the guys on CBS Sports Network picked Hawai'i, and I don't think anyone will be surprised if that's the way it goes.  I certainly wouldn't bet money on Army giving points.

I'm excited regardless.  You can tell because it's 6 am, and I'm sitting here writing this instead of sleeping.  Granted, I got in bed early last night, but I woke up just after five this morning thinking, "Is it time yet?"


I really enjoy football at Michie Stadium.  My daughter Emma and I are headed up, and I honestly can't wait.

Fearless Army beat writer Sal Interdonato put out a couple of articles in the Times Herald-Record this week that I liked quite a lot.  This Army team has quite a few ties to Hawai'i--hence the game, I'm sure--and Interdonato broke that down for us.

FB Calen Holt is already in the midst of a career season.  I'm expecting him to absolutely go off today.  He's not the biggest Army fullback, but he's the kind of rusher that the offense has started featuring this season--big and fast.

Together Holt and SB Fred Cooper represent something of an evolution for Army running backs.  These are guys with enough speed to get outside and enough power to run through tacklers.  For as good as last year's team was, the guys that team featured were mostly big-bodied inside pounders.  This year's team has a bigger, more complete set of wide receivers (wide tackles), which opens up more opportunities outside.  The team has taken advantage largely on the backs of Cooper and Holt.

* * *

Is it just me, or is the Prep School team getting better every year?  I don't follow it super-close, but it seems like they're getting better athletes and thereby seeing better results.

I read someplace that they've got 2LT Ahmad Bradshaw up at the Prep School working as the Quarterbacks Coach.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see him take a junior coaching gig sleeping on the floor at Hawaii or at Georgia Tech ala Jeff Monken in the not too distant future.  I mean, I'm not sure where the Paul Johnson Coaching Tree spreads its branches, but one has to assume that Bradshaw could find some opportunities.

It's amazing how good the Rugby and Sprint Football team are every year.  Also: I am SUPER HAPPY that I never had to box in the middle of Central Area in front of the Corps.

I have my sports, folks, but boxing is not one of them.

Hey, good for Alex.  It's tough to make it as a sport-journalist, but he's off to an impressive start.

* * *
That's all I've got.  Enjoy the game.

Go Army!  Beat Hawai'i!!! 

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