Thursday, August 15, 2019

Digital Camera Experiments, Ver. 3.0

This photography thing has become a legit project.  I need to take a class, though, to get better at the craft.  Any pro's looking at these are undoubtedly shaking their heads in frustration.

What can you do?

This first set come from our trip to Mt. Snow last month.  These are the last from this particular trip.

At the summit, coming off the North Face.
From the Bullwheel Summit Lodge overlooking the Northface.

This next set comes from Trinity Church in Newport, Rhode Island.  I shot them because I thought the church cemetery was a unique and interesting location and then filtered them for an As For Football meme that we didn't wind up using.

I still like the way the pics came out.

I was gonna caption this, "R.I.P. Cadet Casual," but they went another way with it.

Same shot as above with different editing.

This last set is also from our camping trip this week.

Same day in Newport.  This was my favorite shot from this trip.
Faith: Wet Dog.
Taken from the bottom of the Forty Steps on the River Walk in Newport, RI.

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