Friday, August 9, 2019

Giant-Watch: Preseason Game #1

I don't know how good the Jets' defense is, but Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones looked about a million times better than I thought he would look in his preseason debut.  The Giants' O-Line looked better, too, even when the Jets brought extra pressure.

The real reason here to be excited is that Jones threw harder and much, much more accurately than I ever saw him throw at Duke.  That's not at all what I expected to see.  Granted, we can't put the kid in Canton after a single series in the preseason, and anyway, it really helps to have an O-Line that protects and a legit play-action passing game.  Even with all of that, there are still reasons to be excited here.

What a world!

Eh.  I'm gonna need more shit-talking than this from my New York quarterback, especially with all the haters in New York, of which I've personally been the loudest one.

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