I like D&D. I don’t get to play as much as I used to, but I enjoy the game, like many of the novels that Wizards of the Coast (WotC) puts out, and make an effort to keep up with what’s new. I like fantasy fiction and roleplaying games, but I also find the business of RPGs interesting as well, perhaps because I used to own a (very) small press comic book company and did many of the projects for my MBA on pop-culture-type topics. It’s a tough world out there, but the RPG crowd is an intelligent and welcoming group, and geek culture has lately taken over the world. Watching this develop has been fun as a fan, but as an expert in business and finance, it’s been fascinating.

In the world of pop culture, D&D is a legendary sea monster. Yes, it’s often hidden below the surface, but it’s much, much bigger than you’d think, and it’s the basis of many of the stories that are told around campfires even to this day.

It’s that big. If anything, it’s even bigger than that.

Most of this is for D&D's 5th Edition or for the playtest material that was written during the run-up to 5e's release. The blog also has a tab for Wanderhaven, my homebrew campaign setting, and another for the single-player campaign I wrote for 4e several years ago called "The Sellswords of Luskan: Winter Ambush".  According to blogger, more than nine thousand people have played through "Winter Ambush" and another four thousand have been through "The Mystery of Malvern Manor"!

If every one of those folks would also buy my book, I'd be a happy, happy man.

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  1. Great site! Thanks for the solo adventure!!

    Excellent job with it! More please :)

    Take Care,

    1. Thanks. Those take forever to write, though, so while I'd like to do another one eventually, don't be looking for it anytime soon. Also, the next one will certainly be using the D&D Next rules.

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