Star Wars

Everyone likes Star Wars, am I right?

Promotional art from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Seriously, though.  This blog was never intended to be a Star Wars fansite or a Supreme Leader Snoke/Darth Vader conspiracy theory site or anything like that.  However, the Star Wars posts I've done have inevitably been amongst the most well-liked, most widely read posts that have ever appeared here.  And in the process of archiving them, I've realized that there is actually a shit-ton of Star Wars material here as well.

So.  In the interests of giving the people what they want, I've collected most of the Star Wars below.  Enjoy!

Star Wars Archives

Inspired by Star Wars

Not Star Wars but still worth reading
Star Trek: Deconstructing Voyager
I know what you're thinking.  But this particular Star Trek is one of the best posts that's ever appeared on this blog, and it drives me crazy that it's not also one of the most-read.  Argh!

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