Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pics from the Swim Across the Sound

Team RBG 2.0 swam across Long Island Sound yesterday, raising more than ten thousand dollars for St. Vincent's Cancer Center and placing second overall in the Classic (No Wetsuit) division.  We beat the Sacred Heart University team among others, and everyone swam really, really well.  I was pretty happy about how it came out.

Some pics are below.

An early Sound crossing to get to Long Island.
Me and Chris hanging out while we waited for the race to get started.
Andy looking out over the Sound.
Andy and Steven kicking back waiting for the race.
Andy led us off.
Andy swimming.  He has a beautifully long freestyle stroke.
Chris looked really good swimming, too.

Here's video of Andy.

This is me.  I'm maybe not as pretty as Andy in all honesty.

We finished in just over seven hours.  That's not too bad.

Andy, me, and Stephen with finish line smiles.
With my beautiful wife.  Still smiling!

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