Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Notes: Stuff I Saw on #Twitter

Here's some stuff that caught my eye.  I started collecting it yesterday, but that may make it more random than usual rather than less.  Guess we'll see.


And people wonder why the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel?  They drafted him to sell t-shirts, jerseys, and other merchandise.  It's the same reason the Jets signed Tim Tebow and then let him sit on the bench all year.  Tebow sold something like $20M worth of jerseys in New York against a base salary of maybe $8M.  The signing was a no-brainer.

Manziel's was even better.  His jersey was the top seller in the League right after he was drafted, and with the new rookie wage scale, I'll be he made less than $5M this year.  Granted, the guy's never gonna be a franchise quarterback, but in a professional league, there's more than one reason to sign guys.

Remember: it's a business, too.


I've never heard of this show, but we'll have to give it a try.  Sally and I love Lilyhammer.  It's such a great, offbeat show.  It's The Sopranos set in Norway.


Yeah, I'm a giant geek.  This is news?


This map shows the inverse relationship between happiness and income above a certain level.  They claim to control for the effects of income, but I suspect that it is impossible to control for the effects of hours worked.

This leads to an inescapable commonsense conclusion.  If you spend your entire life working (or commuting), you and your family are both likely to be miserable, even if you make plenty of money.


I'm gonna quit here.  I like Gail Simone, and I like Jim Zub, and this cover looks fantastic.  If I make it out to the comic store today, I'll definitely have to pick this up.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

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